Power and Market

Ukrainian information publishing issue

Our trend of activity :
objective and authentic representation of an economic state of Ukrainian power industry for new conditions, problems of a price policy, privatization of power utility, stock market development, modernization of equipment. Especially gains in importance foreign experience of the EU countries and countries, which have transitive model of economy;
attraction of the potential investors, use of new information technologies and electronic business concerning development of power industry;
an opportunity for the EU representatives and representatives of international organizations to make public the opinion and estimation of those processes, which are occurring in Ukrainian power industry.
Distribution of the edition:
The edition will be distributed among the foreign companies representations, which are working in the field of power industry, investment enterprise structures, both fuel and power industry organizations, and also enter in the foreign editions Catalogue of the state enterprise "Pressa"
Term of distribution: 1 year, with prolong the term to the next year by results of a subscription.
Circulation: 1750 copies.
Volume: 48-60 pages.

Every time we wish you to find on pages of our edition interesting materials, to fill up your knowledge by the information on all change, which occur in Ukrainian Power, to choose a correct way for an investment of your assets and creative efforts!

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